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Introducing Bill Dougal and Dori Dougal, Your Caricature Artists

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Your caricature artists are Bill and Dori Dougal. We are real people, using drawing skills and artistic interpretation. We create likenesses that have some exaggeration and lots of style, but are not unflattering.

BILL DOUGAL has more than three dozen years experience as a professional caricaturist. He was voted into the top ten, and won an award for speed at a National Caricaturist Network convention. His caricatures have been published for advertising and editorial purposes. Live drawing gigs in Connecticut have helped to prepare him for drawing any face. He loves each challenge presented to him in the custom orders. He holds a BFA from Hartford Art School.

DORI DOUGAL has about twenty years experience as a caricaturist. In her early years she won the Best Newbie Award at a National Caricaturist Network convention. Dori loves finding ways to exaggerate features. She holds a Masters degree in Art from Eastern University.

OTHER ARTISTS whom we respect for their talent and reliability may also be used to fill orders.

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