Faq, or frequently asked questions regarding caricature art: ordering, payment, delivery, business and personal rights. If you have questions about caricature art or our policies, please email us at order@caricaturedrawing.Net.


How quickly will I get my art?
– in about 1-2 weeks. Often sooner.

If there’s more than 1 person, is there a discount?
– no. Our prices are too low to discount. Note that art of 4 or more people can be on 16×20. No extra charge for this larger size.

If you have a paypal account, use that; you know how simple and safe it is. What if I don’t have a paypal account?
– you can pay with credit card through paypal even if you have no paypal account. Paypal is safe and efficient. Use online payment button.

Credit cards:
You may pay with all major credit cards through the Paypal portal. Use online payment button.

Photo formats:
For emailing photos, what specifications are best?
– most formats are ok. Jpeg especially. Ideal resolution is 150, but between 72 and 300 are possible. Pictures copied from phone or web that are 1” small are probably unusable)

Email or mail:
How should I send photos?
– 1st choice is use our upload form after you have sent your payment through Paypal. 2nd choice is Emailing to order@caricaturedrawing.Net. 3 US Mail to… DougalArt, 243 Tobacco St., Lebanon, CT 06249. If you mail photos you will get them back.

Photo reference:
What photo reference is best?
– pictures with largest, clearest faces are best. (not smaller than a quarter.) Several choices sometimes help. If you want a double for instance, both parties need not be in same photo reference.

Business rights:
Can I use caricature in advertising?
– no, not at base price, but possible with a reasonable usage fee. Describe usage for quote. You’ll get an opportunity for extra input and high res. digital files.

Personal rights:
Can I use the caricature for personal publishing ( I.E.; facebook, notecards, email etc.)?
– yes, if credit is given to dougalart.Com (ie; art by dougalArt.Com) you may make copies for personal use.

boards:
Can you do big sign-in boards?
– yes inquire about cost for art and shipping.

What if I want something different than those listed?
– please inquire at order@caricaturedrawing.net

Specific extras:
What if I want a very specific extra; I.E. pet, car or building?
– count that as an extra person price-wise, and send reference. However, quick generalized depictions are no extra charge.

Pet portraits:
Are pet portraits possible?
– yes. Note that the style is between a cartoon portrait and a detailed one. Price them as people. Sample on request.

Ship to address:
What if I want the art shipped to a different address, like the recipient of a gift?
– yes, this is possible. Specify address, and indicate if you want gift card included.

Gift certificate:
What’s the story on gift certificates ?
– quite possible. Just place order, with payment. We will send gift certificate to you or recipient. You choose options relating to price. They choose personalization specifics like activity.

How do I communicate with artist?
– email is recommended, but US Mail & phone are possible. (request address or number.)

Can I order multiple copies of caricature?
– yes, see option as you order. Or for personal use, you have permission to make your own copies. Another option; extra originals at same price minus $5 per face. (Email us for this arrangement.)

Foreign orders:
What if I live outside the usa?
– please email for information at Order@caricaturedrawing.net

Head Shot:
Is a “head” caricature just a head?
– no. Shoulders and name are added.


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