Birthday Gifts

Custom Caricatures Make Unique and Memorable Birthday Gifts


Caricatures make great birthday gifts. Everybody has a birthday every year. That is a lot of gift giving. If you haven’t been giving caricatures, now is a good time to start. can be good for one-stop shopping. Holidays celebrate other people and things, but birthdays celebrate a certain person. Therefore, the most logical gift is a caricature, because a caricature is a portrait of a particular individual. This little poem will give you a clue… ‘Let us say you have a friend named Jim. Order a caricature of him. You may have a friend named Adele. Order a portrait for her as well.

A caricature has the rare ability to put the spotlight on the subject of your gift giving. If you give a book, it is about the book. Why not give a gift that makes the birthday boy or girl the star? That is not to say that they are just for kids. People of every age enjoy seeing their face depicted by an artist. Your gift giving challenges are not age dependent on age or sex, when you choose caricatures. That makes shopping easier.

Just visit when birthdays arise. It is not hard to order. Choose options like head, activity, black and white and color. Write some notes to personalize the art; things like eye color, hair color, activity, name and any other specifics. Upload or email a photo for reference. Pay online with card or PayPal. Bill, Dori or an associate will do the artwork and mail it back. You can then give it in person, or mail if the birthday person lives far away. Since it is light and flat, it will be easy to mail. You could even mail it in the tube the artist used to mail it to you. The gift could be a caricature of them, or of a person close to them. For instance, we could draw aunt Peg, or Aunt Peg’s niece or nephew.

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